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We are pleased to announce the completion of the first commercial ready version of DiVinciPay. After months of development and testing, we are finally ready to roll DiVinciPay out to commercial clients and developers worldwide. As you know, DiVinciPay is a unique Web3 merchant checkout, that enables decentralized crypto transactions for the purchase of goods and services without the risk, cost, and delay of centralized custodial interference.

Now online merchants and developers can have access to proprietary API Key Packages allowing them to integrate DiVinciPay themselves with their existing shopping cart technologies and checkouts. Custom Checkout Packages are also available from our growing portfolio of turnkey applications custom developed for multiple industries. These include Hotel Reservations, Auto Rentals, Auto Dealerships, Commercial and Residential Real Estate, Mortgages, Web3 Site Integrations using iFrames, and much more...

Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, DiVinciPay has access to over 5,000 ERC-20 tokens in checkout, including AWRT and MADHAT. Our admin user interface allows merchants the ability to pick and choose which ERC-20 they want to accept or reject. We are now rolling out a Phase 1 launch to developers, digital content firms, corporate clients and strategic partners in an effort to accelerated merchant usage. We expect to announce several new joint venture partnerships as part of our expansion.

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