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NFT Swaps are underway, and great opportunities lay ahead for MADHAT and a few utility based Club tokens. But one step at a time, today we will highlight just a couple great ways that Mad Hatter Society will roll out exciting marketing campaigns with Web3 technologies.

As of now, will be pausing the use of all current NFTs except for the AWC Members Only NFTs, which will continue to give holders special access to special events, giveaways and more. As our technology continues to develop, the paused NFTs may see additional utility in the future. For now the option to swap directly for MADHAT tokens was described in our last blog and all you need to do is email with your swap request. Part of that development involves the planned transition of AWCx into a rewards platform for Web3 products. In the meantime however, moving MADHAT and other Club tokens to decentralized wallets should be a top priority for members to get the most utility and opportunity with projects like DivinciPay, MadHatter Mystery Box, MadHatter Markets, and the new MadHatter marketing platforms like the exciting NFT Airdrop technologies. Some great highlights include:

Mad Hatter NFT Airdrop Features:

• Create Digital Coupons, Specials, Events and Business Profiles in a single click

• Packages range from 10,000 to 500,000 airdrops

• QR Code Data Collection. Add personal contact information to Digital Wallet Holders.

• IPFS Data logs with Pinata

• Real-Time data tracking via Etherscan and Biance Smart Chain

• Email Campaign average less than a 10% delivery rate, while the Mad Hatter NFT has a 100% delivery rate.

We will have another blog out at the beginning of next week with more information.

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