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Good evening. Thank you for your patience while we addressed the security and other patches needed for the exchange(AWCx). As we move forward toward a goal of more decentralization, it is important to transition your club tokens from AWCx, to your own decentralized wallets. New technologies like DiVinciPay that use club tokens and our own MADHAT NFT platform, link directly with MetaMask. We will be happy to provide instructions to anyone who has questions about how to transfer and or add our custom tokens to you MetaMask wallet. As mentioned on the AWC discord server earlier, we will have a couple blog posts this weekend to explain the next steps and exciting progress we are making. For now, as of September 30, 2023 all exchange wallets are unlocked to enable transfers. If you are still awaiting your token swaps, please email with your request.

We are looking forward to providing members more details tomorrow and over the coming days. Have a great night!

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