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Active World Club is pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new Freelancer and Gig marketplace, built with the LEON token utility. This utility includes the LEON checkout, multi-coin swapping, and LEON NFT Verification Badges, which will limit the amount of fraud associated with the Freelance industry. The site is currently finishing its BETA and is completing copy editing, this week. This is the first successful Grave Dancer project completed by the AWC.

In order to qualify for this drop, you need to be either an AWB token holder or a Mad Hatter NFT holder (AWB/NFT price is $2.00 AWB), by no later than 5pm ET, Tuesday, July 26th. Qualified holders will receive 1 LEON token for every 6 AWB tokens held. The LEON token airdrop will begin at 8pm ET on the 26th. Additionally, LEON will be listing on STEX on Monday, August 1, 2022.

As a special offer for successfully paired Mad Hatter NFT holders, Market Maker NFT Holders and Pirate's Choice NFT holders, we are introducing the below bonuses for this and all future drops*:

NFT Holding**


NFT Pairing NFT

50 Airdrop Tokens

Blimey NFT

7,500 Airdrop Tokens

Yo Ho Ho NFT

10,000 Airdrop Tokens

No Prey, No Pay NFT

15,000 Airdrop Tokens

Pirates Choice NFT

30,000 Airdrop Tokens

Market Maker NFT

50,000 Airdrop Tokens

* Until further notice by Active World Club.

** This bonus is above and beyond the AWB holdings held for airdrops. Holders of multiple NFTs that are successfully paired will receive bonus airdrop tokens for each NFT owned.

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