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SWAP Update

With the uncertainty of the crypto markets and the recent failure of some of the most promising DAO's, we are pausing the development of AWCDAO Token until further notice. Instead, the Club will be allowing our token holders the opportunity to swap one or all of their club tokens (AWB, AWRT, FOTC, CARBON, SPEED, CUBED & LEON) into MADHAT.

NFT's can also be swapped into MADHAT at the cost or amount paid for the NFT. The swap value of MADHAT is $1.00. In the event you won the NFT on a weekly spin or on, then you can swap the NFT at the value charged by the club in the Mad Hatter Store at that time. All Millionaire NFT's are still under the mandatory lock up. All new MADHAT delivered under the swaps contemplated herein, will join the Millionaire's remaining hold period of approximately 90 days remaining on the lock period. All holders of FOTC may swap for MADHAT at the ratio below. In the event you purchased the NFT from another member that did not have a cost basis (received it for FREE) then the swap of that NFT is ineligible.


SWAP Price

SWAP to MADHAT ($1.00)



ratio is 1 : 1



ratio is 100,000 : 1



ratio is 100,000 : 1



ratio is 4: 1



ratio is 2 : 1



ratio is 2 : 1



ratio is 2 : 1

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