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Meet GivBux’s Web3 Marketing Inc Powered by DiVinciPay

We are excited to announce the launch of Web 3 Marketing Inc. which is a custom Web3 platform, powered by DiVinciPay. This new app is now available to upgrade almost any website from Web2 to a Web3 powerhouse and increase sales by accepting ERC20 tokens as payment for goods and services. And, all new signups become instant GivBux merchants and join the ranks of thousands of top tier retailers that accept GivBux at checkout. (SEE LIST OF MERCHANTS)

The best part is, sales teams for the Web3 upgrade packages are now forming and our members are the first to have the opportunity to join. If you’re a self motivated believer in the future of Web3 utility and want to earn great commissions, explore the site below. If you choose to sign up as an affiliate, a team leader will be in touch to answer any questions and provide details to help you get started on a great new adventure. We will have much more info as this exciting new opportunity continues to develop and grow.

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