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Happy Saturday, here are some quick updates and items to discuss on tonight’s AMA. First the team continues to roll out the DivinciPay merchant crypto checkout with our initial focus on the massive potential across the WiX platform. It’s a great starting point to showcase the power of Web3 and our own vision of decentralized, non custodial, merchant services. We will go over the initial successes and hurdles as well as ways for members to get involved and help us get to 10,000 merchants this summer.

By now many of you know that the centralized exchange STEX has shut its doors. This exchange served as an initial 3rd party launch point of our club tokens including MADHAT and AWRT, providing a market making platform, and pricing to trade data aggregator sites. We are working to assess and recover the losses, as well as replace the exchange with a new platform. This unfortunate event highlights that our focus on a decentralized future is spot on.

Swaps, swaps, swaps. We have watched many DAO communities fail due to infighting, attacks, structure, and flawed proposal voting systems. As such it is our opinion that currently a DAO’s best use case is for the interest and control of individual assets and asset pools represented by NFTs. As such, we would like to discuss the AWB, Carbon, and other swaps concluding in MADHAT instead of the contemplated AWC DAO Tokens. We would then use the Wyoming DAO LLC as an initial test vehicle for control of the NFT asset model instead. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate the bridging of real world assets with smart contracts and decentralized platforms.

To beta test this and the power of DivinciPay, we will be launching our own Mad Hatter marketplace for the sale of high end luxury goods, real estate, cars, art, collectibles and other items that can be swapped for crypto assets in an auction and storefront environment. The combination of accepting hundreds of crypto tokens in exchange for real world goods and services presents a unique opportunity to expand decentralized commerce.

We look forward to discussing these items and more tonight at 5:00 EST.

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