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AWCDAO Mandate:

Introducing our phase 1 of the AWCDAO Mandate. Because we value your input, please review this mandate and email us your suggestions. The AWCDAO will only be as successful as we, the AWC community want to make it.

"AWCDAO is the natural evolution of Active World Club and a major step forward into decentralization and our future in Web3. The AWCDAO manages treasuries of blockchain projects and technologies that promote the expansion of Web3 and global decentralization. Through project development and sponsorship the AWCDAO strives to ensure the open source decentralized future of the internet. This future is the inevitable confluence of segments of blockchain sectors with real world business and daily life. We believe this confluence is best described as the Internet of Things. It is the connection of several sectors of current blockchain development with everyday interactions both mechanical and virtual. It is crypto tokens, nfts, and metaverse, coming together to create a decentralized interactive platform that hosts our daily interactions with enabled devices, commerce, and all manner of activity. It is boundless interactive augmented reality recorded on an immutable ledger. Most importantly it is a liberated open source platform hosted by millions of nodes that are not centrally controlled. It will not look like the crypto, nfts, and metaverse you see today constrained by private centrally controlled screens. It will evolve to total utility with the purpose of transcending our current devices. Today's tokens and nfts will eventually become your commerce and passport to engage with evolved metaverses that recognize your identity and authority and allow for seamless interaction with transportation, shopping, medical services and everything else. That is the utility being built and is what AWCDAO is dedicated to keep developing. Our mandate is to ensure the future of Web3 remains open source with the embedded principles of freedom and liberty which we believe to be God given inalienable human rights. "

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