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AWCDAO is moving forward with its exciting new decentralized platform that will continue to drive new innovation in great Web3 projects and services. As discussed, if you are a current member of the club, there will be some mandatory and some voluntary ways to participate. For participating members the mandatory swaps AWB, Carbon, and FOTC, need to be in your AWCx wallet within the next 2 weeks. The plan is to begin swaps to AWCDAO tokens by the end of next week and conclude within 2 weeks. Members will also need to have a metamask wallet set up to complete the decentralized delivery of AWCDAO via our DivinciPay technologies. AWB, Carbon, and FOTC will be replaced by AWCDAO as our resources move from developing those Tokens to completing their related business initiatives for the benefit of the AWCDAO liquidity pool. While management of Carbon has shifted its model to be focused more on grant and direct contracting , the AWCDAO will participate in the anticipated future sale of the Carbon Credits Exchange Management expects up to 50% of the profits from the sale of the platform to be contributed to the AWCDAO decentralized liquidity pool. The voluntary swaps of AWRT , MadHat, and others will also need to be in the member's AWCx wallet to facilitate requests.

Finally, please continue testing and while we are preparing to launch the technologies with great new direct and white-label partners.

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