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Our contemplated AWCDAO swap ratios are up for comments and discussion. The AWCDAO fully diluted token amount is 100,000,000 with initial pricing at $1.75. The main focus will be a DEX strategy with a supporting CEX for pricing and marketing. Planned Mandatory swaps will be AWB at $1.00 , AWBT at market, Carbon at market, and FOTC at .00001. The remaining swaps will be voluntary as follows AWRT at .00001 , MadHat at market(as priced on, USHX at market(as priced on AWCx), SCRAP at market(as priced on AWCx). This consolidation will allow our team to focus and streamline our efforts. The AWCDAO will be the voting token for the Decentralized Autonomous Organization and it will be a mechanism for participation in airdrops of future projects and other member driven rewards as the DAO develops and promotes the expansion of Web3 and the IOT (Internet of Things).

Please send your questions and comments to

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